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— New poems forthcoming in BOOK XI: A Journal of Literary Philosophy, CV2 (‘Animals’ issue), RABBIT (Australia) and THE EX-PURITAN

‘Excerpts from Waste Not the Marrow in The Ex-Puritan
‘Familiar’ in Augur Magazine (Issue 5.2, print or digital)
‘Excerpts from ALPHABETICALS in HOAX
‘Diaphragm,‘ ‘Dessert‘ and ‘Drifter’ in Hamilton Arts & Letters
‘The Extended Mourning of Orca-J35’ in SAVANT-GARDE (Issue 7)
Breakout’ in Salamander (Issue 53, print)
And Then the Darkness Talks Back’ and ‘Who Will Save Us?’ in THE PINE CONE REVIEW (Issue 2)
‘Heavy Meta’ — in KALEIDOTROPE (Spring 2021 issue)
‘Risky Shift’ (p. 15) — in THE WINDSOR REVIEW 53.2 (as PDF, Mar 2021)
‘Blue Sunlight’ (p. 24) and ‘Dog Star’ (p. 25) — in NōD Literary Magazine 26 (as PDF, Jan 2021)
‘They Eat Them Weeping’ in Tiny Spoon (Issue 7: Collaboration, print)
‘Elbow to the Neck’ in EMERGE 15
Death Goes Green’ — in IS THIS A GOOD TIME anthology (Collusion Books, summer 2020)
Purity of Line’ — in A PANDEMIC ANTHOLOGY (845 Press, summer 2020)
To Skin an Illusion’ — in TIMBER Journal issue 10.1 (Winter 2020)
Into Thick Air’ (suite of 6) — in SPECULATIVE CITY 7: Horror
Pitchdown Bay’ (includes audio) — in VALLUM 16.1
Crossing the Date Line’ — in GREY BORDERS Mag (p.39) / ‘Sphinx’ — (p.40) / ‘We Must Be Thankful for the Truth’ (p.41) / ‘Organon Unravelling’ — (p.42) / ‘Splice/Stitch’ — (p.43)
Come Now, Let Go’ — in The CHACHALACA REVIEW 6: Fear
Epizootic— in The CHACHALACA REVIEW 6: Fear
Flashback to the Crab Nebula’ — in ANTILANG 4: Succinct Speculations (p.77) / ‘Epistaxis’ — (p.78) / ‘Panopticondominium’ — (p.79)
Paronomasia’ (includes audio) + ‘We Are Interrogating This Beat’ — in FIVE:2:ONE
Nerve Bouquet’ + ‘The Oval Window’ — in The TRINITY REVIEW 131 (as PDF)
Scotomata’ — in JUNIPER 2.3
Extremophile’ + ‘Minimal Surfaces’ + ‘When We Were Wolves’ — in GUTTURAL Magazine 3
Vertical Logic at the Crossroads of the World’ — in RAT’S ASS REVIEW (Winter 2018)
Apocalypse Parrot Screams for Vengeance’ — in POETRY IS DEAD 18: Metal (print)
A Bad Dream Ends Wet’ — in PRISM International 57.1: Dreams (Fall 2018 print issue, p.26)
Make Me Down+ ‘Bone Meal’ — in PRISM International 57.1: Dreams (separate link to online supplement)


November, 2021Periodicities : a journal of poetry and poetics — bpNichol Chapbook Award shortlist Interview with MA|DE
November, 2021MA|DE interview / appearance on CBC’s ALL IN A DAY radio show (with Sanchari Sur — 11m47s)
November, 2021Tiny Talks interviews MA|DE
March, 2021Jade Wallace interviewed on ALL WRITE IN SIN CITY Podcast (45m)
November, 2020Mark Laliberte interviewed on ALL WRITE IN SIN CITY Podcast (21m)
August, 2019Get to Know MA|DE: 12 Questions’, ZED Press
October, 2018Behind MA|DE’ teaser for PRISM International 57.1: Dreams appearance


March, 2021A Trip to the ZZOO review by Bryce Warnes (on THE PAMPHLETEER website )
February, 2021A Trip to the ZZOO review by Jeremy Colangelo (in issue 14 of THE /TƐMZ/ REVIEW)


A Trip to the ZZOO — Shortlisted for the 2021 bpNichol Chapbook Award (Judges: Jordan Abel + Jennifer Lovegrove)
‘And Then the Darkness Talks Back’ — Nomination for the 2021 Best of the Net (category: poetry)