Lost in the wilderness of everyday life:
Would you mind if I tagged along with you?
Happily derailed by someone else’s dream,
it is a long way down when you are wrecked
by a cloud. My only desire, freckled with rain.
Shoulders shaped like tension, letters cramped
like the closeness you are still hoping for.
The river does not always lead us to civilization,
sometimes it only takes us to the edge
of the fathomless sea. A briefly experienced


MA|DE is a collective gesture, a unity of two voices fused into a poetic third. It is the name given to the joint authorship of Toronto-based creators Mark Laliberte and Jade Wallace, artists whose active solo practices differ quite radically from one another. MA|DE’s collaborative writing formalizes a process that began as an extended conversation between two people newly discovering one another. Over a number of months, the pair messaged, texted, emailed, telephoned, conversed in person, left links on social media for the other to find, and mailed letters; their long, exploratory conversations opened up a language-space all their own …

MA|DE is currently working on their first full-length collection of collaborative poetry.

Recent Member Works

Solo works by MA|DE members include:
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2017, Anstruther Press


Rituals of Parsing
2018, Anstruther Press


2018, above/ground press





1— we’re happy to announce our first in-print appearance!
Our poem ‘A Bad Dream Bent Ends Wet‘ is in the latest issue of PRISM International (click the cover to order); they also interviewed us, and published two additional poems (‘Make Me Down‘ and ‘Bone Meal‘) on their website, which you can read here

2— our poem ‘Apocalypse Parrot Screams for Vengeance‘ appears in Poetry is Dead 18, “METAL” — 60 pages of poetry, essays, original art, photography and reviews, guest edited by Carleigh Baker and David James Brock (click the cover to order)

Here’s an image we created to accompany the poem:

3— our poem ‘Vertical Logic at the Crossroads of the World‘ appears in Winter 2018 issue of RAT’S ASS REVIEW (read it here)

4— MA|DE has several new poems (‘Extremophile’, ‘Minimal Surfaces’ and ‘When We Were Wolves’) in issue 3 of GUTTURAL magazine, along with tons of other amazing contributors (here’s one of three, check out our other poems here)


Water enough to withstand boiling,
bear enough to outlast the frigidity of space:
not adapted to exploit these conditions,
only to endure them; slow walking.

If a caterpillar met a manatee
on the eve of the apocalypse
and schemed to outlast everything
but the sun, they would become a much
smaller creature than anyone expected.

Creator of all things, incognito.
Tried to exert their will on it,
but it would not take shape.
So tardigrade becomes retrograde,
desiccating into glass and then
waiting for resurrection.

5— our poem ‘Scotomata‘ appears online in JUNIPER V.2 – N.3 (direct link here)

6— our poem ‘Pitchdown Bay‘ appears in VALLUM 16:1 “Connections”, Spring 2019 (click the cover to order)


7— watch for new poems in 2019 issues of GREY BORDERS MAG, KALEIDOTROPE and TRINITY REVIEW

8— Test Centre, our debut chapbook, is forthcoming from Zed Press in spring 2019