MA|DE (est. 2018) is a collective gesture, a unity of two voices fused into a poetic third. It is the name given to the joint authorship of Canadian creators Mark Laliberte and Jade Wallace, artists whose active solo practices differ quite radically from one another. MA|DE’s collaborative writing formalizes a process that began as an extended conversation between two people newly discovering one another: over a number of months, the pair messaged, texted, emailed, telephoned, conversed in person, left links on social media for the other to find, and mailed letters; their long, exploratory conversations opened up a language-space all their own …

MA|DE recently completed ZZOO, their first full-length collection of collaborative poetry— which has just been acquired by Palimpsest Press (forthcoming, spring 2025); they are currently working on two new manuscripts, Detourism and Waste Not the Marrow.

New poems forthcoming in AUGUR, THE PURITAN and SAVANT-GARDE