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‘No Performances Today,’ ‘Skybird,’ ‘Sugarwhip,’ ‘Subsidized Housing for Small Birds’ and ‘Arbeitslied’ in Book XI
‘Furverts,’ ‘As the Next Day Dawned’ and ‘Zoomorphs’ in CV2 (The Animal Issue, print)
‘Vorescape’ in Rabbit (Issue 37: Collaborations, print)
‘Excerpts from Waste Not the Marrow in The Ex-Puritan
‘Familiar’ in Augur Magazine (Issue 5.2, print or digital)
‘Excerpts from ALPHABETICALS in HOAX
‘Diaphragm,‘ ‘Dessert‘ and ‘Drifter’ in Hamilton Arts & Letters
‘The Extended Mourning of Orca-J35’ in SAVANT-GARDE (Issue 7)
Breakout’ in Salamander (Issue 53, print)
And Then the Darkness Talks Back’ and ‘Who Will Save Us?’ in THE PINE CONE REVIEW (Issue 2)
‘Heavy Meta’ — in KALEIDOTROPE (Spring 2021 issue)
‘Risky Shift’ (p. 15) — in THE WINDSOR REVIEW 53.2 (as PDF, Mar 2021)
‘Blue Sunlight’ (p. 24) and ‘Dog Star’ (p. 25) — in NōD Literary Magazine 26 (as PDF, Jan 2021)
‘They Eat Them Weeping’ in Tiny Spoon (Issue 7: Collaboration, print)
‘Elbow to the Neck’ in EMERGE 15
Death Goes Green’ — in IS THIS A GOOD TIME anthology (Collusion Books, summer 2020)
Purity of Line’ — in A PANDEMIC ANTHOLOGY (845 Press, summer 2020)
To Skin an Illusion’ — in TIMBER Journal issue 10.1 (Winter 2020)
Into Thick Air’ (suite of 6) — in SPECULATIVE CITY 7: Horror
Pitchdown Bay’ (includes audio) — in VALLUM 16.1
Crossing the Date Line’ — in GREY BORDERS Mag (p.39) / ‘Sphinx’ — (p.40) / ‘We Must Be Thankful for the Truth’ (p.41) / ‘Organon Unravelling’ — (p.42) / ‘Splice/Stitch’ — (p.43)
Come Now, Let Go’ — in The CHACHALACA REVIEW 6: Fear
Epizootic— in The CHACHALACA REVIEW 6: Fear
Flashback to the Crab Nebula’ — in ANTILANG 4: Succinct Speculations (p.77) / ‘Epistaxis’ — (p.78) / ‘Panopticondominium’ — (p.79)
Paronomasia’ (includes audio) + ‘We Are Interrogating This Beat’ — in FIVE:2:ONE
Nerve Bouquet’ + ‘The Oval Window’ — in The TRINITY REVIEW 131 (as PDF)
Scotomata’ — in JUNIPER 2.3
Extremophile’ + ‘Minimal Surfaces’ + ‘When We Were Wolves’ — in GUTTURAL Magazine 3
Vertical Logic at the Crossroads of the World’ — in RAT’S ASS REVIEW (Winter 2018)
Apocalypse Parrot Screams for Vengeance’ — in POETRY IS DEAD 18: Metal (print)
A Bad Dream Ends Wet’ — in PRISM International 57.1: Dreams (Fall 2018 print issue, p.26)
Make Me Down+ ‘Bone Meal’ — in PRISM International 57.1: Dreams (separate link to online supplement)


November, 2021Periodicities : a journal of poetry and poetics — bpNichol Chapbook Award shortlist Interview with MA|DE
November, 2021MA|DE interview / appearance on CBC’s ALL IN A DAY radio show (with Sanchari Sur — 11m47s)
November, 2021Tiny Talks interviews MA|DE
March, 2021Jade Wallace interviewed on ALL WRITE IN SIN CITY Podcast (45m)
November, 2020Mark Laliberte interviewed on ALL WRITE IN SIN CITY Podcast (21m)
August, 2019Get to Know MA|DE: 12 Questions’, ZED Press
October, 2018Behind MA|DE’ teaser for PRISM International 57.1: Dreams appearance


March, 2021A Trip to the ZZOO review by Bryce Warnes (on THE PAMPHLETEER website )
February, 2021A Trip to the ZZOO review by Jeremy Colangelo (in issue 14 of THE /TƐMZ/ REVIEW)


A Trip to the ZZOO — Shortlisted for the 2021 bpNichol Chapbook Award (Judges: Jordan Abel + Jennifer Lovegrove)
‘And Then the Darkness Talks Back’ — Nomination for the 2021 Best of the Net (category: poetry)