1 poem in TINY SPOON 7 (‘Collaborations’ issue)

We have 1 new poem, β€˜They Eat Them Weeping’, in the latest print issue of Tiny Spoon (issue 7: ‘Collaborations’)

Below we offer a peek at all the various contributors appearing in issue 7 of the Collaborations issue; what an incredible catalogue of those that strive to evoke a ‘third mind’ together …

πŸ‘ Since there’s no online link for this one (the journal is print-only), you can read the poem below:

1 poem for WINDSOR’S RESILIENT VOICES β€”Β ‘Transit Windsor’ Public Art Project

Did we mention we received a kind letter from the Mayor of the City of Windsor recently? One of our poems, β€˜Purity of Line’, appeared on Windsor Transit buses as part of the WINDSOR’S RESILIENT VOICES project curated by Black Moss Press editor Marty Gervais for National Poetry Month β€” happy to have been involved!

πŸ‘ Here’s project organizer / editor Marty Gervais promoting WINDSOR’S RESILIENT VOICES β€” a public project that brought poetry onto the local buses … 60+ poets were featured.

BY THE RIVER Apr 2021 Reading: now on Youtube

Thnx to everyone who attended yesterday’s BY THE RIVER lunchtime ZOOM reading β€” it was great to share the virtual stage with Karl Jirgens who performed some outrageous & literate works; both MA|DE members focused exclusively on presenting their solo works for this particular event, due to a time crunch we tabled our collaborative work, but hopefully we’ll read at this series again at some point in the future!

πŸ‘ For those who missed it, the reading is available in its entirety now at the BY THE RIVER READINGS YouTube channel here