MA|DE in Toronto Aug 2022 — PT 1: special project for ‘Writing Elseways’ opens at the THE PLUMB

? Some peeks at our ‘Triple Marrow’ exhibition for WRITING ELSEWAYS at The Plumb (1655 Dufferin St, Toronto), which opened Friday Aug 05; the cat-trapped-in-a-vase work is called ‘Growl’ and the hand-with-pearls work is called ‘Pneumette’

This project includes an interactive component which we describe as an object-and-language donation centre: members of the community are invited to bring interesting small objects to The Plumb throughout the duration of the exhibit and to jot a word or two on the wall … once the show closes, we’ll attempt to incorporate these ‘donations’ into future works!

WRITING ELSEWAYS project facilitator: John Nyman

More info about exhibitions at The Plumb here

MA|DE would like to acknowledge funding support from the Ontario Arts Council, an agency of the Government of Ontario.