COLLUSION Season 1 Launch Party — youtube link

🚀 MA|DE debuted two video poems yesterday!

— wait, did you miss the COLLUSION Season 1 Launch Party when it went live? No worries, it’s still online, watch it today! The whole event (which celebrates the release of 3 different collaborative chapbooks, ours, plus ones featuring @conyerclayton + @manahilbanduk and Daniela Elza + Arlene Ang) clocks in at under 30min, and can be viewed in its entirety on the Collusion Books YOUTUBE Channel

A TRIP TO THE ZZOO is now available

✨One of almost two dozen collaborative poems appearing in our largest chapbook to date, A TRIP TO THE ZZOO (2020, Collusion Books) — available now

• full-colour variant cover (wolf or deer designs)
• limited edition of 100 numbered copies

A collection of collaborative poems that in some manner mention, reference or explore animal life; the title’s variant spelling is a deliberate gesture, signalling to the reader that the poems only share a partial resemblance to the spectacle of animal exhibition at a traditional zoo. These poems often venture into the territory of ecopoetics, with environmentally-conscious through-lines being a frequent presence in the work, either implicitly or explicitly.