3 New Poems in HOAX

Capital block letter A in black and white with comics speech bubble across the centre with "A A [triangle] A" inside it.

Agonizing dread erupts,
futile. Miscreants press
preview, review, spectate
the twisted wreckage.

We are so excited to have 5 excerpts from our manuscript-in-progress, ALPHABETICALS, published on HOAX. This series reflects a new poetic form we are developing called an ‘alphabetical.’ More constrained than the abecedarian form, the alphabetical requires that each word in the poem be in alphabetical order.

Read & see all 5 poems with accompanying images on HOAX.

This is the first time work from this project has appeared online. Previously, these poems had only appeared in our chapbook A BARELY CONCEALED DESIGN (Puddles of Sky Press, 2020).