3 New Poems in HOAX

Capital block letter A in black and white with comics speech bubble across the centre with "A A [triangle] A" inside it.

Agonizing dread erupts,
futile. Miscreants press
preview, review, spectate
the twisted wreckage.

We are so excited to have 5 excerpts from our manuscript-in-progress, ALPHABETICALS, published on HOAX. This series reflects a new poetic form we are developing called an ‘alphabetical.’ More constrained than the abecedarian form, the alphabetical requires that each word in the poem be in alphabetical order.

Read & see all 5 poems with accompanying images on HOAX.

This is the first time work from this project has appeared online. Previously, these poems had only appeared in our chapbook A BARELY CONCEALED DESIGN (Puddles of Sky Press, 2020).

‘ZZOO’manuscript acquired by Palimpsest Press

We’re happy to announce that MA|DE’s debut poetry collection ZZOO has recently been acquired by Palimpsest Press — thanks so much to editor Jim Johnstone and publisher Aimée Parent Dunn for taking on this project, we can’t wait to bring this book into existence together!

Thanks also to the Canada Council for the Arts | Conseil des arts du Canada for funding this project in 2021, it really helped us to focus and complete the manuscript in the past year — much appreciated ❤️